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All what you need to know about Phobia!

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Phobia is an irrational fear that some people face that may make no sense to others. the fear tends to be crippling to the extent that the person shies away from activities that are linked to them. this article discloses some of the major phobias that people face.


This is the fear of spider of any type. You will not catch them sitting close to where a spider is or was because it instills a crippling fear in them.

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Those that are Acrophobic cannot stand the idea of being in a high location. The concept of heights stops them in the wake, leaving them biting their fingers and sweating profusely.

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Humans that deal with aerophobia dread flying. They do not want to be in an airplane, and most times they prefer to use a vehicle that travels on land like a car or a bus or they even travel on water.


People that suffer from astraphobia are scared of thunder and lightning. Once they see lightning or hear the sound of thunder, they run for covers and probably shield their eyes or ears.


This type of phobia is linked to dogs. Cynophobic means that the person possess an irrational fear of dogs and does not want to be around them.


This is an irrational fear of confined places. Those with this type of phobia start to feel anxious when they are in an environment that does not possess the required space.

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In the podcast above, some people were interviewed and asked to share their phobia and how it has affected them.

The top 7 most common phobias has been explained in the video below.

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