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All for football

All for football

Fans watching a live game at viewing center. Photo credit: Flickr

What is it that appeals to the youths this days other than football! Are they other things that lure people to viewing centers other than football? These obvious questions are still left unanswered till date in the minds of curious ladies. For some, soccer motivates the connection of millions of youths and in a way creates an interaction space. While for others, it is a total waste of time.

This spreading love of football is what gave birth to viewing centers at every nooks and cranny of major cities and town that houses the very soul of football in the world over. At every viewing center, you will feel everything that makes football so special. The passion, the warmth, the joy, the disappointment and likely viewer’s brandishing tickets that have a list of match predictions. In most cases, these guys who look so engrossed are not necessarily interested in the clubs they are cheering. All they want is the match to go the way they want so they can win some money for themselves.

Trolling is one of the seeming activities that endear football lovers to viewing centers. It is certain that you will meet trolls while a game is going on. These trolls throw jibes and indirect insults at opposing fans. They are never to be taken seriously because it’s just one of the reasons a football viewing center is exciting. If you can’t stomach these ‘insults’ and arguments, its best you stay at home.

Consequently, if you are one who barely understands the game of football, the viewing centre is your best bet to have a good grab of that knowledge. In viewing centres, There are the guys who feel they are best suited to work at ‘Sky Sport’ but are just unfortunate to find themselves in your neighborhood. They know everything about every major European club and their players. They know the age and market value of every player and analyse an on-going football match almost better than the commentator. Even when nobody is listening, they don’t care. It’s a solo duty anyway and they enjoy doing it alone.

Even though many see this sort of practice as trivial considering the amount of time and money spent during matches, yet others like Rasak Oluseyi believes “that brief moment in viewing centres brings a bond that can only be built through football”

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