Airconsole – the end of boring evenings with friends

Airconsole - Credits Twitter @AirConsole
Airconsole - Credits Twitter @AirConsole

Did you ever got in the situation where you’re at friends house in the evening and you don’t know what to do? Everyone is just sitting there with their smartphones and checking their social medias?

Well, take the smartphone as an advantage and play Airconsole. Never heared of Airconsole? Neither did I till the end of November 2015. But I don’t want to miss it ever since.

Airconsole - Credits Twitter @AirConsole
Airconsole – Credits Twitter @AirConsole

Airconsole is an online platform for little games just played with your smartphone and an internet browser. It is simply the end of boring evenings with your friends. The concept is easy: no Playstation, no problem.

Everyone got a smartphone these days and nearly everyone has a notebook/desktop pc or a tablet. And this is all you need to play Airconsole. Just go to the website with your notebook or iPad and use the app or the the same site with your smartphone. You don’t even need the app, just Wifi. Tip in the code you see on the big display on your smartphone and you can start. Your phone is your controller. Play some rounds of “Cards against Humanity”. Challenge your friends at Bomberman’s “Tic Tac Boom”. Or play some retro NES games. It all depends on you. You can even just watch some YouTube clips but everybody gets to vote for the next one. Not the worst time keeper.

Cards Against Humanity - Credits
Cards Against Humanity – Credits

Just go and explore it by yourself and you will know that this is the end of boring evenings.

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