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Ah Sport… How I miss you my old flower

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

The Soccer is postponed and the Liverpool lads are at home parting with the idea of being league winners in 2020, and though I am relieved I don’t have to listen to my boss harping on about them every day, I do feel a bit sorry for the suckers. And I can’t quite fill the midweek evenings. For those who are lucky enough that their countries already allowed professional sports, they can bet on sites like roulette online. In the world of gambling, having a high-quality mobile device with crystal-clear display is essential for enjoying the thrilling experience of playing online casino games. Smartphones have become a vital part of every casino player’s arsenal, enabling them to download the latest casino apps and play games on the go. The 22bet mobile app is a great example of how online casinos are catering to the needs of mobile users, providing a seamless gaming experience with a wide range of games and exciting features.

And Saturday mornings of course. I don’t mind that the cafés are closed and I can’t get anything too frothy. Because my boyfriend bought us a French press and I can easy settle for some fresh coffee and the paper at home. But I can’t help but long for a chunky sports supplement to stick my nose into. If only there was something for someone, somewhere to write-about.

The rugby is off, the AFL is postponed and only last night the first country (Canada) finally announced they would be pulling out of the Olympics. And it really feels there’s nothing coming down the track. No great event to look forward to.

And so there’s nothing to watch and nothing to talk about that is sports-related, and somehow the time we previously allocated to that part of life, has been re-assigned to coverage on Covid-19 and conversations around the latest numbers on confirmed cases and deaths. It has left a real hole in our worlds. A hole where hope used to breath.

Sport is about people proving something, to others and to themselves. Sport is about overcoming challenges and obstacles, of taking out the competition, of being stronger than an external force, it’s about going to new lengths and achieving great things in spite of all odds. Sport is about hope.

So in this time when the global outlook looks bleak, this period defined by uncertainty and fear and lasting moments of hopelessness, allow me to breathe a little sport back in to your lives. Last year I recorded this podcast with my auntie and uncle to mark their 25th wedding anniversary and their story is your fix.

Ronan Rooney and Rena McCarron Rooney are Irish Paralympian athletes who both found themselves paralysed as teenagers due to road accidents in the late 1970’s. They have both been in wheelchairs ever since, but that fact has never held them back. Their story is one of great personal and professional triumph and a reminder that even when we are hardest hit, still we prosper.

I hope it brings you hope.

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