Agent Provocateur: Nick Mullen versus the maddening moan of Twitter’s Leftist comrades

Nick Mullen

A blight is spoiling the crop.

Identity is being starved and the manifest hive mind is beginning to rear its darling head, again and again. It did so just last week. The denizens of the hive took to Twitter and launched their uniform complaints at Nick Mullen for his stupid, funny jokes.

Nick Mullen is a New York comedian who hosts Cum Town, a terrific podcast with his two pals Adam Friedman and Stavros Halkias. Nick is autistic, Adam is a Jewish South African and Stavros is Greek. The point there is that the podcast represents more than just the majority white American angle. Nevertheless, the words that fall from the mouths of the jokers are truly disgraceful.

Comedian Nick Mullen- Photo Credit David French (Flickr)

They say horrible things about everyone and veer miles beyond any line of taste.

But it’s just a joke, and they couldn’t be more up front and self-deprecating about the stupidity of it all. The proverbial feathers are rustled, that’s a good thing. And the rustled have been outspoken in their criticism of the podcast and its hosts for going too far, we might have limited democracy but that’s at least a bit of it in action.

What’s been happening for the past few days though is ridiculous.

A wave of lambast poured from the extreme Left on Twitter, egged on by this article in the Medium which attacked Nick Mullen and somehow everyone who ever enjoyed the podcast or a sick joke in their life.

The writer of the Medium article, he is afraid of the heterosexual but content with the Soviets- strange.

The jokes weren’t half as sickening as the scorn. Because what had irritated them so much was more than the comments made by Mullen, it was the fact that some people have the urge to laugh at it but he was their target.


Laughter is a gut reaction. We know this from every time we shouldn’t have laughed but did, those infectious bouts that make you sweat when you try to suppress them. Hunger is the same way, back when Superquinn was thriving, you’d walk in the front door, smell the fresh baked bread and  have to have it.

It is ultimately your choice whether or not you want to expose yourself to these sources of grim humour (or delicious bread to keep the stale metaphor going) but indignation against the people who do, will get us nowhere

The Extent of Nick Mullen’s bigotry
The extent of Nick Mullen’s ‘bigotry’

For sure, there are bad eggs everywhere, some who listen and laugh at Mullen’s faux-bigotry are undoubtedly vile bigots, but Mullen is a comic who could not me more open about the fact that he is purposefully trying to egg the precious  Leftist Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) on, just read his pinned tweet….

The butt of Mullen’s jokes are not the folks who the joke ridicules, the butt is the privileged, preachy, whinging Left. This is where Mullen’s sophistication actually comes into play. Ironic racism and bigotry has always existed in comedy, but Mullen’s jokes are not made in this light, they are made in the light that regardless of what he says the SJWs can construe it as evil.

The poisonous contingent exists beyond the plane of Twitter. In October, a group of the SJWs violently shut down a debate on free speech at the University of Toronto. The microphone was free for anyone who wanted, in fairness no one had anything that great to say. Nevertheless, the leftist cabal collapsed the dialogue and you know, they couldn’t have been more obnoxious about it.

A video of the event went viral and the Smugglypuff meme was born, what you see in the video is a mob of fiends with a total disregard for truth and fairness (just look at the face on Smugglypuff as she lies to the police) and a non-uniform group of individuals who wanted to talk it out.

The protestors in action, Smugglypuff is in the yellow hat

Manners and composure seems arbitrary when it comes to matters which affect people’s lives, but the violence and arrogance of that Smugglypuff group cannot but push away people with similar beliefs. Its polar opposite politically to the Alt-Right but aesthetically the two groups align; sickening arrogance and no wriggle-room when it comes to beliefs, any divergence from their established view must be silenced.

It really is fair enough that liberals and people on the Left hate Nick and his podcast. It isn’t for everybody, and my interpretation of it will differ from the next person. What’s troubling and frankly dangerous though is the ideology behind their outrage. Amid the accusations of bigot, fascist and ironybro (the worst coined term of 2017, all comedy is based on irony)  is an absolute frenzy of anger. These people are miserable with the fact that everybody is not on their side.

Thanks Pepe, looking like a lot of the Left will be joining in also – Photo Credit Fibonacci Blue (Flickr)

They seem possessed by a notion that everyone must be of the exact same mindset, all attitudes must line up in sync towards this tactless comedy, shut it down.

That’s for the dogs, even the Alt-Right aren’t looking for that, they want to be left alone so they can sneer and congeal in negativity. This Leftist hunger for uniformity is an Orwellian nightmare though, only it is not born of the apparatus of the state it is born of this millennial incarnation of the left, a gang of social medialiates who fool themselves into believing they’re enlightened humanists.

Nick Mullen is funny, I’m often appalled by him, I’m often appalled by myself that I just laughed at his joke. Others are of the same view, Amber Frost a regular on Nick’s podcast posted a blog in which she articulated beautifully that with his comedy he just wants to make people laugh, she feels he can go too far, but knows that bigoted malice doesn’t drive the jokes.

Stavros Halkias, co-host of the podcast

I spoke to Stavros, the co-presenter of the podcast, after the fiasco but he didn’t want to make a big statement because he said it was “dumb sh*t” that would blow over. It undoubtedly will, because the loud mouthed outrage spouted by the Twitter Leftists is ineffective, it is bound to fail in the long run.

People cannot help what they laugh at, if the Left’s ultras on Twitter want to turn laughter into another battleground, I think they’ll do more harm than good because they’re ultimately saying that everyone who laughs at these jokes is inherently bad. They’re attacking identity in a way that transcends race, gender, orientation, they’re attacking pure human nature. Not everyone has to be squeaky clean.

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