Age of Action and their Getting Started Computer programme: fighting against digital exclusion

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Sofroniou

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Sofroniou

As we grow older many circumstances change, social interaction is nowadays radically different than 50 years’ ago. This new generation is more likely to find their soul mates on a dating app rather than introduce themselves by a friend; there are no more phone calls and no more printed photographs to save in old trunks.

If you are growing up with this social evolution, one might not realize the impact and challenge of keeping up with this trends are for the more elderly population, the technology ‘knowledge gap’ between teenagers and old people is becoming more significant.

Age of Action has the Getting Started Computer Training programme for people over the age of 55 who wants to learn how to use computers, tablets and smartphones and with the association of the Dominican College, some young teachers help them to do this. In the podcast below, the Circular talk to a few students of the programme and Laura Sweeney, the teacher coordinator.

Photo Credit: Garry Knight

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