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After two years, buskers brighten the streets again


During the two years of the pandemic, the streets of Dublin looked like a movie set to demonstrate abandoned cities. With no people milling around, shops closed, the streets turned dreary. The thing that brought the most life was also not to be found around, the buskers.

Now that restrictions have been lifted and life is finally getting back to normal, it is possible to hear voices, guitar, piano, and other instruments bringing the streets of the Irish capital to life. The joy is not only in the people who stop to listen to the buskers, but also the musicians themselves are glad to be back.

Emmeline Grace has been playing in the streets for two years and is getting ready for the summer.

“I’m really excited for summer. Just wearing a dress and not being cold because now I must wear so many layers”

Emmeline Grace

During the pandemic, artists who have the PPS were able to receive government aid as well as other workers in the country. Those who did not have the PPS number, unfortunately, suffered the consequences of surviving with what they had.

How to be a busker?

To show some of your art on the streets, you need to fill out a form on the Dublin City Council website and pay a fee that will vary according to your type of work. On the site you can check all the rules stipulated so that you do not interfere with the performance of other artists.

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3 Responses

  1. Very good to hear the music again in the streets of the city… It makes the atmosphere much more pleasant.

  2. So good to have the buskers back on the streets, much better to walk in the streets of Dublin hearing a good sound. The life is been back to normal . Great news.

  3. It’s amazing walking on the street listening to some music. The buskers make the street more pleasant.

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