Africa, Europe and the Americas set to take the lead
Photo credit: Paul Sleet

Football or soccer as it is also known is that ‘one game’ when at its peak of seasoned action brings the world to a standstill.  Without mincing words, the game of football attracts a wider audience that any other sport.

Over the years, the game of football has grown and developed among countries of the world which has birth football competitions such as the Fifa world cup, The African cup of nations, UEFA champions league, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) champions league and the English premier league just to mention but a few.
Photo credit: FCBEscola

In this light however, it becomes pertinent to say that the Spanish football giants, FC Barcelona is taking the lead in sourcing, nurturing and raising future football champions. With the establishment of more than 25 international schools, 150 annual campuses and a population of over 30,000 kids, the stage is set for Africa, Europe, and the America to produce the world’s finest in the football industry.

In Nigeria, for example, Mohammed Kabir primary school emerged winners of the annual Channels National Kids’ Cup and it is interesting to note that some of these players are trainees of FCBESCOLA, Lagos, Nigeria

Larga vida FCBEscola! Larga vida FCBEscola Lagos-Nigeria!

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