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Aesthetics,​ Gifs and Digital Art with Tyler Spangler

Tyler Spangler, an American digital artist is known for his art on social media and other media channels. His website, is laced with beautiful images, animation, and a mash-up of gifs, bright colors and words to live by.

Tyler’s style of art is psychedelic, imaginative, bright and colorful. His aesthetic and work are centered on round Pop art, mental health, Surrealism, and humor.

I essentially just want to inspire people, make the laugh, and create something beautiful. 

-Tyler Spangler

His background growing up has had a significant impact on his style, he studied psychology while in college and he also went on to study at the Art Center College of Design. Tyler once said in an interview that he ran an illegal punk venue until it got busted and shut down by the cops.

He has gotten a ton of exposure for his work and he has a list of clientele such as Chanel, Hermès, Nike, Red Bull, Samsung, Tumblr, and many more.
Photo Credit: Tyler Spangler

“Make something new every day and don’t be afraid to share it”.

-Tyler Spangler

Tyler also gets his inspiration from the psychedelic styles of the 60s, the hardcore punk style of the early 80s, and the grunge style of the 90s, he tries to blend everything he likes and put them in his work.
Photo Credit: Tyler Spangler

The Circular had the opportunity to get some time with Tyler Spangler and talk about his work and new projects.

How long have you been an artist /creating prints and what drives your inspiration?

I have been getting paid for my work since 2013 but I have been doing it since 2010. I get most of my inspiration from surfing, music, and just interacting with the world.
Photo Credit: Tyler Spangler

You have worked with a number of famous brands, how was that experience?

Hit and miss. Some companies are overly art directed and you have 10 different people weighing in on a decision and the final product looks nothing like what you had in mind. Other times I get total freedom and it is amazing. 

Are there any new collaborations or projects in the works?

Working on branding a cool new THC extract company. I am doing the entire packaging and ads – it is going to look really cool. I am also working on a surfboard catalog, social media content for a couple of different brands, and a startup brewery in Belgium.
Photo Credit: Tyler Spangler

Are there any other talents you haven’t shared with the public yet? 

Nothing really unusual. I am moderately talented at a lot of things like cooking, surfing, and Dota 2

What would you say is your favorite piece of work?

They all sort of blend together as a stream of consciousness.
Photo Credit: Tyler Spangler

Where can the readers find your artwork and buy your prints if they are interested?

IG: @tyler_spangler



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