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Adopted – Finding My True Identity

Photo by: Rubina Freiberg

The adoption of a child or youth often leads to crucial changes of the living situation and the separation from their birth mother and family of origin. Destatis, Germany’s Federal Statistics Office [Statistisches Bundesamt], however, states that such circumstances provide the chance for young people to engage in a new long-term family relationship. If you want to become a foster parent, make sure to consult an adoption agency.

According to Destatis, the number of adopted children and youths has gradually declined by 41,5% over a twenty-year period. In 1999, 6399 under 18s were adopted in Germany, compared to only 3888 ten years later in 2009. 

Most recent figures for 2019 indicate that the number of adopted children and youths in Germany only fell by 3,8% since 2009. Thus, the significant drop in the number of adoptions in Germany occurred over the ten-year timespan from 1999 to 2009. 

Comprising 3744 adopted under 18s in 2019, the majority was adopted under the age of one, followed by children between the age of six and nine. 

With a 90% intercountry adoption rate most children and youths were adopted from and within Germany. A figure of 156 (4,2%) under 18s were adopted from the rest of Europe, followed by 120 individuals from all over Asia (3,2%). 

Adopted – Finding my true identity is my new short documentary on what it is like to be adopted, based on Celine’s story. As the main contributor she shares her experiences growing up and how she has been dealing with her Indonesian roots. The documentary is available in German and also with an English voiceover.

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Click below to hear about Celine’s adoption story in German.

Click below to hear about Celine’s adoption story with English voiceover.
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