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Adopt, Don’t Shop – The Adoption Process in the DSPCA

Every year, hundreds of animals end up in the care of the DSPCA for a vast range of reasons; neglect, death of an owner, puppy farm mothers and puppies, strays, the list goes on and on. Supporting an organisation like the DSPCA ensures that every animal that comes through their door, is cared for, loved and someday re-homed to their forever families.

Thousands of people around Ireland look for designer puppies online, through puppy farms or illegal shipment of dogs across seas without even realising where exactly their animal is coming from, and if their papers are legitimate.

Besides the implications of the dogs future health, puppy farms are becoming an epidemic in Ireland and around the world. Each year the DSPCA works with communities to shut down these puppy farms and the illegal shipment of animals from Irish ports.

So if you’re thinking of getting a family pet, have a look at the simple steps put in place by the DSPCA to ensure safe adoption of a wonderful animal in need:
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