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Actuality of NON-EU Students in Ireland (Part 2)

Dublin 2018, January.

 So, once you’ve convinced the immigration officer that you’re here just to study and you will go back to your own country after you’ve completed your degree, reminding the officer that your country is not as good as you think it is (As if you’re going to tell the officer even if you do have some evil thoughts or plans of staying back after your visa expires). Anyway, going back to the journey starting from airport exit gate.

Almost all the student won’t bother checking the facilities their respective colleges/schools/universities are offering them. For instance, you can request a “complimentary” airport pick-up arranged by your college. You have to provide them with your travel plan details and they’ll arrange something for you. You didn’t know that? Of-course you didn’t, you were probably so busy getting the information about “how to get PR”! After reaching your destination, you should always make a “to-do list”. Literally a list on a paper! Set your priorities, important things first and celebration of your freedom after everything is done, do not mix these up!

First of all, rest well. Not for days or weeks, just 1 days should be enough. Next day go straight to your college and get your student registration process started. Do not waste your time and money on other useless things. Once you have done that, don’t sit back and relax. Keep checking how is the process going. They might forget about you and you might will have to push a little as well. Just be a little pushy, not annoying. And once you have your student registration number/card, get on to the next step which is your bank account. Get details about the process and required documents from your college/university.

And then the immigration process starts, it’d be ideal if you book an appointment for INIS Immigration from your home country. Since it takes ages and it is always very crowded and busy. Save yourself some time in any way possible. After immigration apply for your PPS number (For God’s sake wait for your PPS Number and do NOT work illegally and more than the allowed hours). You are here to study and not to earn money, that time will come too. But first things first, always!

Next article is going to be about the immigration and work-related problems, legally and morally! If you have any story to share, please contact.

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