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Abuse in Relationships

photo from Flickr by Tashia Lynn

Every relationship is special, and there are many different reasons why people come together. Part of what determines a good relationship is having a shared vision of just what you want the partnership to be and where you want it to go.

All romantic relationships go through ups and downs, and they’re all about work, commitment, and willingness to adapt and change with your partner. But what is not accepted frequently is “abuse” either physical and emotional.

According to Michael J. Formica M a practicing psychotherapist, analyse abusive relationships pretty simple. He stated that they are driven by insecurity, the fear that feeds this insecurity, and the expectation of inconsistency, both real and perceived.

photo from Flickr by Tashia Lynn


Abusive relationships are tricky, when in a relationship we sometimes do not see the subtle signs of violence, since we are in it. Society normalizes unhealthy behaviours so that people may not understand that their relationship is abusive.

If you’ve never been through an abusive relationship, this kind of response might seem logical. If you think that unhealthy or abusive behaviours is normal, it’s hard to identify your relationship as abusive, so there’s no reason to seek help.

The result on the poll conducted on Instagram; “is physical abuse in a relationship ever forgivable?” It depends or No. From the poll 67% choose it depends, while %33 choose No.

  this is a picture of a poll conducted by me on Instagram.

what are your thoughts on this poll, let me know in the comments box.


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