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Facebook Group Help Possible Expatriates

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“The benefits of studying abroad are almost endless.”

Michelle Obama

In addition to learning a new language and culture, moving to another country brings several advantages and also a lot of personal growth.

It is normal to feel fear and insecurity when it comes to letting go of everything that was built to embark in the midst of the unknown, but an experience of exchange, be it study, work or adventure, brings so many advantages that the fear of the new is quickly replaced for the eagerness to explore the new country.

One of the great joys of living abroad is making new friends. This experience, if you are willing and open-minded, gives you the chance to meet people from different places in the world.
Have you thought about the possibility of visiting new cities and even countries? In the case of Europe, for example, a plane ticket can go for just 10 euros at Ryanair or other low-cost companies.

Try new foods, in many cases live with strangers who become your family away from home, rediscover yourself. It is a whole world of advantages that would not fit in an article.

Another point is the enrichment of the curriculum, the job market tends to look favorably on someone who is willing to face a challenge as big as that of living in another country. And who knows not to win that dream job?

Well, if you are thinking of moving to another country, but don’t know where to start, you want to read real reports from people who embarked on this adventure and also talk about their fears, desires and already making friends, how about joining the group Living Abroad on Facebook?

The video below shows a bit of the content you can find over there:

With members from around the world, the group aims to gather as much real information from real experiences as it is to live this adventure called exchange.

Click on the link above, join the group and tell us what you think! Where is your next destination?

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