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About medical use of cannabis with Gino Kenny TD

Few days after the annual 4/20 meeting, The Circular went to talk with the member who brought a bill in favor of medical use of cannabis to the Dáil. To learn more about medical marijuana and its uses, check this blog post about the best CBD oil for pain and also for  anxiety.

The marijuana plant contains more than 100 different chemicals called cannabinoids. Each one has a different effect on the body. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the main chemicals used in medicine. THC also produces the “high” people feel when they smoke marijuana or eat foods like delta 9 gummies containing it. While both CBD and THC come from the same type of plant, Auer CBD does not cause a “high” or sense of euphoria often associated with the use of cannabis containing THC. Clevescene posted where to buy thc gummies.

Medical marijuana received a lot of attention a few years ago when parents said that a special form of the drug helped control seizures in their children. The FDA recently approved Epidiolex, which is made from CBD, as a therapy for people with very severe or hard-to-treat seizures. In studies, some people had a dramatic drop in seizures after taking this drug.

Cannabinoids — the active chemicals in medical marijuana — are similar to chemicals the body makes that are involved in appetite, memory, movement, and pain. Visit to learn more about the benefits of cannabis products.

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in the U.S, now a days, it is very easy for consumers to find a great variety of products in the market such as Pantry Food Co’s Edibles. As an entrepreneur, owning a dispensary is one of the best ways to make significant income in the marijuana business. If you want to get into the cannabis industry, you can visit for cannabis software solutions.

Gino Kenny by Alexia Klingler on Vimeo.

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