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A young Nigerian Based Artist has Sold his first Portrait internationally to a multi million dollar comedian

Image credits: Ibukun31032321.

This is no ordinary buyer but comedian Kevin Hart, there has been a rise in the art scene in Nigeria and Nigerians in diaspora, just like lalou senbanjo oil paintings,Nigerians are becoming a staple in the art scene,There are such a significant number of skilled individuals out there, making amazing show-stoppers that merit the consideration of the entire world. In any case, at times it appears that the right ‘names’ get definitely more consideration than their gifts merit. So it’s invigorating to see a really skilled youthful craftsman get their enormous break and be launch into worldwide consideration.

Nigerian artist is flourishing, with this differing and dynamic nation delivering a variety of innovative gifts that request more extensive consideration. One specific region of intrigue is hyper-sensible pencil illustrations, with Artist like Ken Nwadiogbu delivering the sort of pictures that are by point you’d swear they were photos. Youthful artist Eli Wuduba Yusuf, based in Kaduna state in north-focal Nigeria, is a pencil mystical performer who can evoke hyper-practical representations utilizing just a straightforward lead pencil and some paper.

 He recently reached out on Twitter to Kevin Hart, his favourite comedian, hoping to show the astonishingly accurate portrait he drew of The Upside actor. After thousands of retweets hoping to gain Hart’s attention, the comedian saw Eli’s piece and was so impressed by the young artist’s obvious talent and initiative, he offered to buy it. Not only that, but he commissioned Eli to do 3 drawings of his friends, giving Eli a nice little public portfolio to kickstart his career.

It’s fair to say that this represents Eli’s big break and shows the power of social media for young artists who wish to gain exposure. People all over the world are now admiring Eli’s work, it’s truly a life-changing event for him. “We have basically over 70% young people in Nigeria right now and a large amount of them are gifted, talented or into painting, drawing and sketching,” Nigerian journalist Yaron Mudi told Bored Panda. “Many have taken to social media to push out their craft because that is the only voice we the youth have. It has opened our talented young people’s skills to many new eyes.” Eli knows this and used Twitter cleverly to gain the attention of his idol. People quickly recognized his talent and were happy to help him reach his goal. A few days after his original tweet, it all kicked off. “Isn’t God amazing??” he wrote. “I just joined Twitter a day before yesterday and my art work just went viral, my phone can’t stop buzzing.” talented young people’s skills to many new eyes.” If you’re also doing a lot of sketching and drawing, you need these 20 unique Procreate brush packs here to level up your artwork!

 The hyper-realist scene in Nigeria first grabbed the world’s attention back in 2016, when Lagos-based artist Oresegun Olumide’s oil paintings went viral. People couldn’t believe that they weren’t photographs, and his success inspired a new generation of hyper-realist artists. Using a simple pencil and some paper, artists like Eli spend hours crafting and shading these incredible portraits, often of famous people and incorporating themes such as gender equality, African cultures and black power. The genre has really taken off and given the youth a real outlet for their creative talents.

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