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Photo by Rafal Maciejski for Pexels

For so long creatives of the art industry, have been taught that true wealth is in their artistry creation.  create and create some more. 

“Money is not the be-all and end-all’’ so goes the saying. But is this really true? In a world where bank balances matter, why are many artists still buying into this narrative?  Great and broke 

I was one of those who used to find satisfaction in creating great pieces and getting applause, be it a perfectly covered and edited wedding video to a Netflix-worthy documentary. I was good as long someone gave me a good comment. This changed when I tested Hollywood

When my agent called to check my availability for this Hollywood movie, I was overjoyed because this would be great for my resume (Still not thinking about the money), and besides who wouldn’t want to be on the same set with Ethan Hawke.  

I went to beef up my resume but my eyes were opened to something else.  I realized why everyone wants to work in Hollywood.   

With Ethan Hawke onset of 24 Hours to Live Movie

Being on the set of 24 hours to live was life-transforming, the pay made me realize that Money is by far the best applause. It is the best way to let a creative know that their time and skill are appreciated. 

When executing their craft, Creatives are often told to GO HOLLYWOOD OR GO HOME; could it be fair for creatives to say PAY LIKE HOLLYWOOD OR WE GO HOME?

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9 Responses

  1. That’s so right , money is an answer so I second this ‼️Creatives are so much part of the big game.

  2. Oh wow.. What a beautiful experience for you Young lady. Some of us dream to just go there. I pray all your dreams come to reality. God bless the fruits of your hands. Good write up… Good narrative

  3. This is a lot similar to the current debate – why interns must be paid. The fact that paying a creative boosts their creativity is often overlooked.
    Nice read here !

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