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A world post-coronavirus

Do humans have the power to change things? Credits: Daniel Frank/Pexels

The world currently undergoes one of its weirder times ever. Albeit difficult, past pandemics placed it in a much more dangerous state than today. Nonetheless, governments decided to protect the populations against the coronavirus, this new plague, and rightfully so. Whatever level of danger the virus brings, the easiness with which one person transmits it to the other should make it everyone’s major concern.

Still, times are weird. In countries such as France, executives put everything on lockdown; but you wouldn’t see it if you didn’t know it. People walking in the streets, masks on, no masks on, make you feel like everything remained normal. Influenced by this crowd giving little regard to what they must consider as yet another conspiracy from the elite, others wonder why they should bother following state-given instructions.

It rings especially true when lockdown pushed people to question everything they knew. Being married, having kids, living with family – the virus amplified every aspect of a daily life that everyone felt used to. It gave back its rightful meaning to the concept of ‘routine’. If children and teenagers manifested their boredom the first, adults started to feel the emotional weight of such a situation soon after. It does not come as a surprise for anyone: routines are boring. Every step out of the routine allows people to deal with it daily. If something or someone takes those steps away, life becomes bleak.

This does not aim at criticizing the concept of the routine. Keeping up with a schedule and planning things ahead does facilitate many things. Some people probably stay sane because of their routine; but, as with everything, excess leads to poor consequences.

In this weird, plagued world, a silver lining appeared: change. Freed of its human desecration, Earth and nature flooded the world again. The canal of Venice oozes of clearness. People in India can see Mount Everest again after many years. Internet users joke about places known for their filth looking like crystal clear lakes on islands like Hawaii.

One day, the lockdown will end. Hopefully in the right way, and hopefully people will display carefulness, common sense, and think of others before thinking of themselves. That day, and the ones following, it will be necessary to reflect on the lessons we can take from these unusual times. For after a break, the easiest thing to do is to go back to normal; but the responsible thing is to take advantage of the opportunity if offered to improve altogether.

How about you? Do you think the world will change after the coronavirus crisis? Tell us in the comments!

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