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A Very Green Weekend

With the globe turning green for the annual international celebration of Irish Identity. Some parts of the world had a lot more passion and reason to be wearing the colour green. As the Irish Rugby team, their fans and the Irish diaspora living in the U.K took over London with a sea of Irish pride.

Begining the tournament with a magical kick by Johnny Sexton against France it was a competition made of dreams for Ireland. By becoming 6 Nations champions a week early, the eyes were set on a Grand Slam against England. The interest in this game was always going to be huge and as TV3 viewers have proven it was the highest-rated programme on Irish television this year with over 1.3million people tuning in.

Throughout our history, whether on the field or off the field it would be hard to find two bigger rivals then the island of Ireland and our nearest neighbours. A part from the great sporting rivalry that comes along with the competition: The atmosphere, entertainment and all round banter that is in the weekend of St. Patrick’s day, combined with such a huge sporting event, London was a haven of craic this weekend.

Luckily I was able to experience the excitement, as I boarded the Friday evening plane from Dublin to Southend you could see the buzz growing. Those travelling were finishing their remaining last call drinks before going up in the air. Saturday morning before the celebrations of St. Patrick’s day began and before we knew the outcome of Irelands Grand slam victory over England 24 – 15. I went to find out how people were spending the day in London.

One minute video piece on the streets of London. 

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