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The True Geordie’s brand of football analysis is best enjoyed on a Sunday evening, while unwinding and recovering from the weekend. Obviously a Newcastle fan, the very funny True Geordie doesn’t limit his reviews to the Magpies, his Premiership review is akin to a no-holds-barred chat with your football-obsessed mate. His videos consistently exceed 100,000 views and are uploaded every five or six days.


Entertaining, original, impassioned and unafraid to tell it like it is, TTG began making youtube videos four years ago with no intention of having over 200,000 subscribers. But that’s what happened. With his True Geordie Gaming channel, we get FIFA matches featuring TTG coming up against the online community to mixed results. (I’ve counted more losses than wins.) But the presenter’s animated antics keep the audience entertained. It’s refreshing to view a football fan sticking by his local club so steadfastly especially when they’re in a situation like Newcastle, four games left and they’re second from bottom with the very real threat of relegation hanging over their heads. Worth a watch no matter what team you support.

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