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A Review of Lowli’s Haunting Debut EP ‘Feathers’

Picture by Olga Kuzmenko.

Galway native Roisin Lowry aka Lowli has released her magical debut EP ‘feathers’.

The three track EP was released on February 15th and premiered on GoldenPlec.

Lowli has a unique ethereal folk sound which is reminiscent of Enya, but perhaps a more contemporary version.

Her reserved lead vocals together with piano, strings and multi-layered backing vocals create a fairytale-like atmosphere which is evident throughout the EP.

The title track ‘Feathers’ is heavy with beautiful and striking metaphors of nature making it very open to individual interpretation.

The simple verses of vocal, piano and drums lead to intricate, elevated choruses with strings and piano playing differing yet complementary motifs which enhance the otherworldly atmosphere.

Fading sustained notes on strings bring the track to an end.

‘Fading’ begins with a delicate piano idea creating her unmistakable ethereal folk vibe.

This track is dense with layers of harmonising backing vocals and the addition of what sounds like chimes in the second half of the song adds a nice light texture.

‘Fading’ explores the topic of endings and the process of accepting that many things in life will inevitably come to an end.

It finishes with the same string countermelody played earlier and the addition of harmonising backing vocals resembling a violin line.

The delicate piano idea from the beginning brings it to an end.

‘Colourless’ opens with two ideas on the piano and strings which can be heard as a recurring idea or motif throughout the track.

This is the most minimal track on the EP highlighting yet again, more metaphorical lyrics which this time explore the topic of invisibility.

Similar to the first track ‘Feathers’ this results in the song being open to individual interpretation.

The simple, multi-layered harmonising backing vocals add the perfect amount of depth and do not take away from the gorgeous lead vocal.

It ends with a small ad-lib vocal phrase and a sustained string note.

Lowli really brings us into her dark, fairytale-like world with this EP.

The launch gig for her EP  takes place on Saturday, February 23rd in Bello Bar at 7 pm and tickets are available for purchase on Eventbrite.

Featured Image used taken by Olga Kuzmenko

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