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A Review: Fulham’s Hidden Jazz Club

London's Hidden Jazz Club (Abigail Malone)

Hosted by married couple Theo and Janine, Fulham’s Hidden Jazz club, pops up several times a month and with tickets priced at 30 euro each it is fast becoming a very popular event in the busy city. Next time you are there I would highly recommend visiting the jazz scene that is on offer, and if you can manage it, try get to these hidden pop up jazz clubs that are interesting, fun and full of excellent musicians.

What is it?

Fulham’s Hidden Jazz Club is hosted by married couple Theo and Jannine who wanted to start a musician led, independent music scene for jazz lovers in London. The hidden jazz club pops up several times a month in easy to access, intimate and trendy locations. They use Airbnb as their platform for advertising and as The Circular was just staying for a night in Chelsea it came as a recommended event through the Airbnb app which was very handy and caught our interest. Tickets were priced at 30 euro per person so we booked two and looked forward to the night!

When we visited the Hidden Jazz Club it was located in Fulham Market Hall which is somewhere everyone should try to visit, jazz fans or not! A renovated old English train station with poke bowls, churro stalls and delicious pizza’s on offer there is something for everyone. The Hidden Jazz club was located upstairs with signs that you wouldn’t even notice if you weren’t looking, guiding you all the way. (That’s the hidden part!)

Market Hall Fulham (Matt Brown) - Flickr
Market Hall Fulham (Matt Brown) – Flickr

Loaded up with drinks and churro’s we made our way up to the hidden jazz club and were greeted by Janinne, one half of Theo and Jannine who founded the club. The setting was intimate with no more than 60 guests which meant that there was no such thing as a bad seat.

How does it work?

Theo welcomed us all before introducing the club and the guests for tonight. That night we had Theo on jazz piano as well as a double bass and drummer, with the special guest singer Vimala Rowe entertaining us for the night. The vibe was very chilled with Theo encouraging engagement and feedback from the crowd, a nod, a clap, a smile or a little holler, it was all encouraged. The Jazz club is a listening one, so if you’re planning on going for the chats with your partner or friend it’s probably not the one for you!

The Result

The music was incredible! Each musician and singer was clearly enjoying being there and was so engaging with the guests. The variety and style was brilliant, and while no jazz expert ourselves, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Each musician would take their moment for a solo, rehearsed or impromptu, and the laid back humour and nature of the group made you feel very relaxed yet you knew these were utmost professionals.

A quick interval where you could strike up a conversation with Theo, Vimala or the band or pop down for pizza or a second glass of wine and then the second half resumed with a rousing cheer. An hour later the night was over and off we headed delighted with our experience!

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