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A reality of Victim-Shaming: Nothing to Wear

“What will you change?”

In the recent years, with the advent of remonstrations by public and social groups around the world and in India against the sexual violence and rape culture, there’s hope for betterment, but the irrelevant myths are still cultivated by many.

Blame the patriarchy or the bigoted underlying of the society, with every sexual abuse or harassment case in India, emerges a section of society that directly blames the traumatized victim. Not too long ago, the consumption of fast-food, was blamed for contributing to sexual violence and western clothes, woman’s behaviour and clothing were claimed to be an invitation to sexual assault.

Imagine being in constant fear of getting eve-teased or slut-shamed or sexually harassed just because you want to wear something you really like. Clothing has been one of the excuses for defending heinous crimes.

The short film – Nothing to Wear by Arsoul Production (India), tries to debunk the myth of ‘Provocative Clothing’ which is often labeled to cover up crimes. 

Video : Arsoul Production via Youtube

The film portrays the dogmatic approach of the society towards the gender norms and further reflects the actuality of victim-shaming. These crimes are inexcusable, irrelevant of the time and setting.

Being in the limelight for sexual crimes in the past few years, there is a little development in the fight against these crimes in the country. To eradicate the evil from its root, India still needs to formulate a more open mindset and promote an environment, where women can live freely, BREATHE FREELY.

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