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A Presentation on Stalin & Europe  in Dublin.

Norman Naimark presented his critical analysis about his book length study on the  history of the far right movement from 1945-1953.

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Proffessor Norman Naimark  presented his views concerning Stalin’s goals and policies  toward Europe in the period from the end of the war until his death in 1953. in Dublin .The presentation took place at the Trinity Long Room Hub at Trinity College.

Naimark who is a proffessor at Stanford University and works in the department of history is currently working on his book titled Stalin and Europe, 1945–1953.Yesterday he started of by explaining to the audience some of the topics that make up the  table of content of his book.According to Mr Naimark,the book also looks at Stalin’s goals,the union’s goals,how the Europeans viewed the genocide and what they should have done about it .

“Stalin was a smart!a micro manager who supervised everything in the Soviet Union’’, said Mr Naimark’.During his presentation Mr Naimark also explained that he examined the cold war briefly in his book .He went to say that the topic has been overdone and that he challenges the widely held notion that Stalin’s crimes do not constitute genocide.

In the book Mr Naimark said he explores Stalin’s thinking in the period of the cold war, based on the suggestion that all of would inevitably be dominated by socialist governments. “One of the things that i have discovered is that during the cold war period,Europe had capable politicians even after more than 60 million people were murdered’’,said Mr Naimark.

Another major part Mr Naimark discussed in his book is the issue on the elections in Europe during the time of Stalin’s rule.He stated that the elections were important especially in places like Syria,Germany and Italy and some other parts of Europe.Apart for that ,Mr Naimark also touched on his personal analysis of seven case studies about the cold war .

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Speaking about the presentation ,Ben Kiernan who is a proffessor said to the circular that history at Yale University in the United States said Mr Naimarks’ presentation was very original and gives a new light on the cold war.Mr Kiernan said,“archives in Europe are not open so yesterdays’ presentation was very illuminating.

Another participant Jette Abildgaard who is an independent writer in Dublin spoke with the circular and said Mr Nierman has archives in Washington in the United States hence he is able to to write about the book on Stalin.Being a writer herself Ms Abildgaad said the presentation was very interesting .

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