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A Pop-up Music Store in favor of St Vincent de Paul

Christmas is coming, time to buy gifts and receive some!

Have you heard of the new trend of ‘pop-up store’ or ‘pop-up shop’? They are temporary places that sell merchandise of any kind, you can find them everywhere and at anytime, they pop-up in every cities these days ! 

Pop-Up Music Shop

Well, a Pop-up Music Shop took place last Wednesday the 28th of November at Maynooth University. This event has been created by a new charitable organization Tuned In, related to music. In this store, we could find many items linked to music: music instruments, books, Cd’s, etc. The particularity of this pop-up store is that all the funds went towards the association St. Vincent de Paul, to help people in need during the period of Christmas. 

Ukulele - Photo : Tuned In
Ukulele – Photo: Tuned In
Pop-up Music Store - Photo: Tuned In
Pop-up Music Store – Photo: Tuned In

What is St. Vincent de Paul?

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) is the largest, voluntary, charitable society in Ireland. It has been founded in 1844.

Its goal is mainly to work in person to person contact in order to work with social justice and provide practical needs to those who experiment poverty and social exclusion. To do so, they offer a huge variety of services such as personal visiting, providing services for people out of home, housing for older people, holiday breaks and a Youth Development Programme. 

What do they do? 

 Not everyone has the chance to receive presents for Christmas, neither what they need. In order to obtain help from the community, they realize different projects, such as :

  • Giving Tree: In different spots, you will be able to see a Christmas tree with little stars hung on it. On the back of these paper is written a gift that someone in a local family in need would like but can’t afford. The goal is that the passers-by stop in front of that tree and take one of the stars. So they can buy the gift and leave it in the basket provided. This gesture allows family in need to have a present for Christmas.
Giving Tree in St Stephen Green Sopping Centre
Giving Tree in St Stephen Green Shopping Centre
Stars' wishes - Photo: Margot Brunet-Debaines
Stars’ wishes – Photo: Margot Brunet-Debaines
  • Virtual Gift: The Society of St. Vincent de Paul offers to buy a gift f the value you want to help the families to have what they need for Christmas.

They also make actions throughout the year, to provide holidays break, help for children, etc.

So, as Christmas is getting close, many organisation set up events and actions in order to collect and provide to people in need.

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