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Old English grills. Photo credit: Achebo Kizito

Weekends in Imo state Nigeria have a way of glistening and arousing some sort of excitement for everyone especially newbies. With an impressive array of activities to a rich cultural history for those fascinated with that area, Owerri the city capital can be fittingly described as Nigeria’s entertainment city.

Old English, a place predominantly known for its perfect ambiance and top-notch services, houses all kinds of congenial evening experience with flair ranging from music, bush meats, fresh palm wine and different varieties of sumptuous African meals. The name which was generated to satisfy the indigenes and holiday-makers crave for exotic savoury, bush meats sauced with pure African spices and the sweetest of fresh palm wine has seen grown famously because of its exquisite relaxation services for the general public

On a chat with, the manager of the famous sit out, Mr. Uzochukwu ozo, stressed out that the name “Old English” brand started first as a boutique that offered different kinds of local and conventional clothing. Additionally, most customers who patronise his services on weekends would advise him to spread his tentacles to other businesses because the name was catchy and endearing.

“Most of my customers who came to buy clothes would jokingly say they came because of the fascination of the brand, Old English” He added, “After buying from us, they would say they wish there was a place where local meals and bush meats were served. I thought of this for years and decided to give it a trial. And here we are today.” 

On what makes Old English different from other conventional sit outs in the state; he said “We are different because we are the king of wildlife. We remain the only people that offer varieties of wildlife from; Crocodiles, Antelopes, Tortoise, wild Cats, Snakes and so on. And these are not the kind of animals you would normally find in other settings in the country. So that’s why we are different.”

 Some of the customers who spoke to expressed satisfaction on the services they get and enjoin people to patronise “Old English Grills” because they make weekends enjoyable for all and sundry. “My name is Kingsley Okey and I am here to enjoy my evening after a tiring day at work. Old English has a setting that helps some of us reduce stress. From the natural animals to the freshest of palm wine. So basically, that’s why I love to come around here for that maximum satisfaction”.

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