A Modern Musical Interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Othello

A promo shot from the James Joyce project
Fathers of Western Thought pay homage to James Joyce on Sandymount Beach - Credit: Official Fathers of Western Thought Facebook page
Fathers of Western Thought pay homage to James Joyce on Sandymount Beach – Credit: Official Fathers of Western Thought Facebook page

If you like nothing better than listening to music while being versed on a classic literary text then Friday night will present a treat.

Those in attendance at The Beerhouse tomorrow will witness the debut performance from a project called ‘A Modern Musical Interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Othello’. Like good wine, good music is a good familiar creature, if it be well used.

No duo attempt to use this device any better than Fathers of Western Thought. Dublin musicians Robert McGlade and Gordon Lee are virtuous in their pursuit of fulfilling musical projects, odes to literary greats like Shakespeare and James Joyce.

As part of a recently registered business called Literature through Music, FOWT have lofty aims and admirable ambitions for their work.

They are creating modern musical interpretations of English Literature prescribed to the Leaving Certificate syllabus with the aim of performing sets throughout schools as an extracurricular activity. This will help students learn off otherwise complicated, and perhaps boring, passages and quotes through the medium of song.

This is not their first eye-catching creative venture.

As previously mentioned, they worked in tandem with the James Joyce Centre for a modern retelling of his four major works through the medium of song in 2013. Subsequent projects included a focus on the work of John B. Keane.

Fathers of Western Thought band members Gordon Lee and Robert McGlade

They also managed the rare feat of writing, recording and uploading a song a day for the entire year of 2011. An incredible achievement. It is puzzling as to why widespread plaudits elude them despite their tireless work.

Praise has arrived critically from the likes of the Irish Times and the Daily Mirror but the pair have remained under the radar. To hear songs being weaved from a genius text is pleasant as well as practical when it comes to assimilating classic prose.

Exposure will surely eventually come for the pair. Until then they will continue to produce prolifically for those who can appreciate their artistic efforts.

They do not love that do not show their love.

For an idea of what this magnificent art project entails, attend tomorrow night’s debut performance at The Beerhouse from 8.30PM. Click this link for more details on the event.


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