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A magical quiz for Potterheads

Photo Credit: KitAy

Photo Credit: KitAy

At least once you have seen the movies, read the books or heard about Harry Potter. Potterheads are those who would die to go the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and pride on themselves taking all of the Harry Potter quizzes and getting perfect scores.

Yesterday evening, over 100 hardcore fans gathered at the Karma Stone Pub in Dublin to participate in the most magical quiz of the year. This quiz tour called “You’re a Quizard; Dublin” is organised by Massive Events in conjunction with Yellow Elephant Promotions, who brings the quiz to over 50 locations in the UK and Ireland.

With a selection of specialized questions for real fans; Cameron and Alex, the hosts from last night, provide a magical experience for the 27 teams interested in proving their knowledge and winning the prize money of €80.

Showing their Harry Potter passion, the team “Roonil Wazlib” were without a doubt the winning team. In the competition of the most original name, the winner selected by the hosts was “Sirius Craic”, although the crowd’s favourite was “Neville will give you up, Neville gonna let you down”

Cameron, the host of the event, has been doing quizzes for about 6 months, and pub crawls and other quizzes for one year so far, for the same company. Cameron explained that this was the first Harry Potter quiz, but they have done a pub crawl for one night and one for over three weeks.

“When something really popular gets put on Netflix in this country, like Friends, which people love, it brings them the chance to brush up with their knowledge, so, we open a quiz. Harry Potter is always a real big crowd drawer. We do events that we think are going to be popular with people at that time”.

With the success of the quizzes and pub crawls, the company is expanding. Cameron mentioned that they are also in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia and Canada. It is not only about Harry Potter, he said that they have also prepared these type of events, either the quiz or pub crawl, for massive media products such as Star Wars, Disney, Rick and Morty, Friends, Always sunny in Philadelphia among others and their coming up with a Marvel and DC quiz as well.

Sometimes it is not about the questions but more about the fun of participating. Nevertheless, if you are a true fan of Harry Potter, or any of the other popular tv shows or movies, then this event is the perfect opportunity to prove your passion and knowledge and also earn some money.

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