A little acceptance goes a long way.

I am only too well aware that there are some people in the world that are less than willing to accept people for being a little different, but what I learned this week made me lose a little more faith in humanity.

I found out that Lucy Meadows, a young teacher, committed suicide due to an excessive amount of unwanted media attention on a life decision. In March of this year Lucy, a 32 year old trans-gender underwent a successful gender reassignment.

It had been announced to parents and children of St. Mary Magdalen’s Primary School in Accrington, Lancashire that former Mr Nathan Upton would be returning to school as Miss Lucy Meadows. Unfortunately one set of parents had an issue with accepting this and, after realising that they would get nowhere trying to get her fired under discrimination laws, they went to the tabloids to start what would become the most horrific.

I’d imagine it’s hard enough for anyone to deal with going through a gender reassignment never mind being abused by the press. Poor Lucy suffered for nothing more than being different.

Just some of the comments made by reporter Richard Littlejohn were as follows:

“He’s not only in the wrong body … he’s in the wrong job”

That he was putting “his own selfish needs ahead of the well-being of the children”

That her transition would have a “devastating effect” on pupils.

Of course children will ask questions, they do about everything from why is that man kissing a man to why do I have a belly button. But it’s up to the parents and others in their life to teach them to accept everyone and not to believe that things that are different are wrong.

Here are links to some of the stories if you wish to know more about Lucy’s ordeal.





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