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A Hidden Gem – Keem Bay, Co Mayo

Achill Island’s astonishing Keem Bay lies to the west of the village of Dooagh. Nestled within its horseshoe-shaped valley lies a spectacular cove, surrounded by stunning cliffs and accessed via a road along the side of Croaghaun mountain, known for having the highest sea cliffs in Ireland. Formerly a basking shark fishery, this special strand on the very scenic Wild Atlantic Way has more to offer than just the magical view. It also provides crystal clear waters, ideal for scuba divers and snorkeling lovers. 

Achill Island itself, Ireland’s largest island lies in the western part of the country, in County Mayo. The island is not limited to Keem Bay and has much to offer; the natural beauty with beautiful coast and towering mountainous peaks.  However, for some reason, Achill Island is not well known to visitors. It’s regularly excluded  in the tourist guides of Ireland and there are no tours available from Dublin. 

The Circular went to Achill Island to see its rumoured beauty for themselves – It did not disappoint. Heres a sneak peak of what we captured; 

Credit – Erin Tonra
Wildlife On Keem Bay
Credit – Erin Tonra
Credit – Erin Tonra
Keem Bay
Credit-Erin Tonra
Credit – Erin Tonra
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