A Guide on How to Beat the Winter Depression

Dublin / Credit: Carolina Pelzer
Dublin / Credit: Carolina Pelzer
Dublin / Credit: Carolina Pelzer
Dublin / Credit: Carolina Pelzer

At this time of the year many people are tired of the gloomy winter days. No one can really bear a few more months of cold. This year the Irish winter has been pretty reasonable. No extreme temperatures, no polar vortex and so on but it still can get quite hard to survive the last two remaining months of low temperatures.

The constantly rainy, windy and dark gloomy days are quite hard to cope with. Many people struggle to keep their best mood through the winter months. Some experience changes in their appetite, fatigue, carbohydrate cravings, anxiety, irritability and some even develop (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder.

There are certain ways to fight the bad mood and make the best of your gloomy days during the long winter:

Change your black coat for something colorful. This might seem silly but bright colours can really change your mood.

Enjoy final clearances from your favourite shops. Unless you like shopping in Brown Thomas, of course. But, if you like a high street bargain now is the best time. Last winter sales can really put you in a better mood.

Be determined to lose the remaining winter weight gain. Well, I know it’s not fun to go jogging when its cold outside, but exercise is a great boost to your serotonin levels, which is responsible for making you feel happier.

Tea Time! Nothing better than to enjoy some nice tea on a rainy cold day Here is a tip: TEA GARDEN, this unique place is located by the Dublin quays (7 Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin 1) and is a great choice if you decide to go have some exotic teas, spend time with friends, play games or simply chill and enjoy the atmosphere.

Look after yourself! So, if you are fortunate enough to own a bathtub, take advantage! Buy a nice bath foam and enjoy a relaxation moment. Try different winter creams, or even a chic Dyptique candle and enjoy yourself.

A great book is always good. The beginning of the term is the best time to read a book you wanted to read for so long. It’s the time when students have less assignments and college work, so enjoy. Get home, and read a book!

Change your mindset. Many people say that we are what we eat. So, I say we are what we think. Be cheerful, think positive things and get your act together and don’t let this ugly season get you. Winter isn’t exactly the happiest of seasons, whether you suffer from (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder or not.

Plan a Holiday. Yeah! If you happen to be from a beautiful tropical country, it’s hard to cope with the Irish weather. So, the best and only remedy is to dream about a hot (or at least warmer) place. Plan a holiday. Making plans is the best way to get in a good mood and to find your focus again.

Forget the calendar! Soon will be spring, flowers will start blooming so no need to get grumpy! Winter is not exactly everybody’s favourite season but there certainly are some nice things about it, for example wear your coolest fur jacket, your make up will stay in place for a few hours without melting away, hot chocolates, get cozy on the couch.

The most important thing is to feel good with yourself and to have positive thoughts no matter which circumstances or season of the year, to make the most of your life and things will fall into place.

In case you are experiencing strong symptons of (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder, please contact Mental Health Ireland for counselor advice.


Phone: (01) 284 1166 or E-mail: info@mentalhealthireland.ie



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