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A French Library in Dublin

French Library at the Alliance Française Dublin. Photocredit: Razim

The Alliance Française Dublin is the French cultural centre par excellence in the heart of Dublin. It is a place of French language learning but also that of cultural exchange. The French library is an integral part of the Alliance Française Dublin where one can study and participate in cultural events.

French Library at the Alliance Française Dublin.

The French library is a part of the European Libraries Dublin, which comprises of European cultural institutes such as the Alliance Française Dublin (France), Goethe Institut Ireland (Germany), Instituto Cervantès Dublin (Spain) and Istituto Italiano di Cultura Dublino (Italy).

An activity that would be appropriate for adults would be the Reading Aloud workshop, held every Wednesday at the Alliance Française library. One could “listen to, and discuss books, articles, etc,” according to the webpage. For Dubliners wishing to practice their French language skills, such a workshop would be ideal. 

According to Camille, the librarian in charge of the Reading Aloud workshop, there are normally about six persons participating in the workshop, with most of the persons being retired members of the community. According to her, it would be nicer to have a younger crowd join in as well.

Another atelier for children is held on Saturdays, called the Atelier Digital Discovery. This atelier is managed by Anne, librarian at the French Library as well. According to Anne, the Bilingual Storytelling workshop was cancelled on Tuesdays in favour of the Atelier Digital Discover for kids on Saturdays.

These activities represent the tip of the iceberg at the French Library. As a member, one would be invited to many cultural events organised at the Alliance Française.

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