A Dog’s life

Miniature Pincher in Memorial Park
Miniature Pincher in Memorial Park

Every dog and owner have their own story to tell. Five dog owners shared their story, a sunny afternoon in Memorial Park.

Some dogs came to their owners as puppies, some are rescued, some have eaten rat poison, and some prefer their dad’s shoes. Jolting, jumping and tubling around in the park, their owners shared their stories. Unfortunately none of the dogs hat the opportunity to respond to their owners point of view, so this time we’ll just have to go with a little human bias.

Watch soundslide:

If your dog is in the slider and you want some photos for your dog’s palace, just drop a mail to amalie.knudsen[at]gmail.com

So where is this wonderful park and all it’s lovely dogs, you may ask yourself. It’s right over the river from Phoenix Park, not far away from Kilmainham Jail, more accurately here.

Google Maps location of memorial park.
Google Maps location of memorial park.

Unfortunately all dogs arent as lucky as these, you can read about animal cruelty and the work of DSPCA  here.

Fancy another soundslide? See and hear about Gudny Camilla Bjerkes years in Durban here.

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