A Documentary About Tara Finn – An Irish Traditional Musician

Earlier this autumn I blogged about a talented Irish musician named Tara Finn. The last couple of weeks I’ve made a documentary about her interesting life in Dublin. 

Watch the documentary here:

Tara speler på pubbenI’m from Norway and didn’t knew much about Irish traditional music before I arrived Ireland, and I had no expectations. After getting to know Tara Finn I’m really impressed. Irish traditional music contains so many different instruments, and it’s so different from the music I usually listen to.

I’m impressed that many of the musicians at Devitts plays not only one instrument, but several. I’m impressed that a group of friends spend hours at a pub every Thursday and play music. The transaction between songs are nearly Nyy bildeunrecognizable. It happens automatically and it looks as if they’ve never done anything else.

As Tara says in the movie, Irish music has become more popular amongst young people the last couple of years, and I hope it continues like that.



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