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A Celebration To Honour Teachers in Vietnam

Photo by: Thanh Huyen

In some countries in the world, teachers are only facilitators of students, assisting students in establishing their own way of learning. However, in Vietnam, for thousand years, teachers have been considered as fathers and mothers of students. This podcast is about Vietnamese Teacher’s Day and the traditional of venerating teacher in our culture.

The Teacher’s Day reflects the tradition of venerating teachers in Vietnam. This country has a long history of paying respect and gratitude towards educators, dating back from the time of Confucian and way into the present. In the past, teachers were placed before parents and just below the emperor in terms of social standing because of their contribution to a child’s development. The teaching profession has been called “the most respected job” in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese often compare teaching to the act of carrying someone across a river on a ferry – surpassing obstacles to reach the broad ocean (achieving success). The so-called “ferrymen” is a metaphor, showing the silent sacrifice of teachers who selflessly devoted themselves to their students and their career. They are not tired or discouraged by the challenges. They devote all their passion and energy to the success of their students.

The Vietnamese Teacher Day gives students a chance to express their thanks and respect to their teachers. Schools usually hold special events such as concert, recital, and exhibition. From several week prior to the day, students will prepare music performance. This day can be a joyous and at the same time an emotional moment of teachers when they receive beautiful flowers, gifts and affection from students.

Nowadays, Teacher’s day is not only for Vietnamese teachers but also for foreign one working in the country. In today’s program Mrs. Mia who have been teaching in Viet Nam for 3 years will share her feeling toward this special day. Click here to listen.

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