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A Call for Equality

Gender-Equality Photo

There have been calls and rallies from different parts of the world on gender equality. The society we live now is an engaging one that requires the interaction of the masculine and feminine in order to have a balanced society. No gender or whatsoever deserves little attention or be pushed to the peripheral of the society. Equal voice, equal pay, equal attention and equal opportunity irrespective of the profession is what is needed in order to foster a society that is going to create unity and harmony.

Varieties of professions around the world is a subject of this inequality, ranging from Sport, Health, Farming, Politics, Finance, law etc. Globally most of these professions are experiencing inequality of the gender and mostly women are at a disadvantage. In most professions, women are given less attention and paid less compared to what men are paid, even though some of them might be more qualified than their male counterpart. This is a clear injustice on the women, as some of them might tend to have gone through the thick and thin to attain the position they might tend to find themselves. Why is this injustice prevalent in most professions in the world?

The last sentence of the above paragraph was however explained by Jokotade Lawson, a Female Right Activist, as Thecircular was able to catch up with her for an exclusive interview. She has been lending her voice as a tool to ensure that females are given the same respect, attention and opportunity as their male counterparts, as long as they are worthy of the call.

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How did you become an advocate for the Right of women?

I have always had an interest in equality of gender from a very tender age. I grew up with three of my older brothers and I happened to be the only girl in the family. So growing up as the only girl, braced me for the fight to ensure everyone is given the same respect and opportunity, irrespective of the gender. I can remember a particular time when my mum shared the house chores to us and I gladly decided to go for the most rigorous task. This action took my brothers by surprise and I whispered into my mum’s ear, what a man can do, a woman can do better

So how long have been a voice for the fight for equality?

As I said, it is something that I didn’t prepare for, I just happened to find myself in this position. Probably because of my background that why I have decided to be a voice for the promotion of neutrality and equality amongst men and women. So I can’t really narrow when I saw myself as a voice for the fight the equality of gender because it is something that has been doing since my childhood. But officially I can say I have been doing this for about five years.

You said you have been a voice for this fight officially for five years now, what are the positive changes that have been impacted in the society through you?

Yes, officially for five years. There are countless of projects I have worked on, ranging from charity organisations, crowd fundings, seminars, workshops and empowerment programmes. These activities have yielded positive returns as people are now more enlightened on the benefits the society can derive, from gender-based equality. The campaigns have been a success because of the flexibility and modest model adopted in order to combat the issue. Not every cause needs radicality, there are more logical and philosophical ways an issue can be resolved, without recourse to chaos and pandemonium.

With these projects that have yielded returns can you acknowledge the positivity of your effort?

Yes definitely. With my efforts combined with team-work, I can say we changing the perspective, and the world would be a safe haven if everyone can see the good of equality among men and women.

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