A Brazilian Girl in Dublin

The amount of immigration to Ireland has increased to 84,600 while the number of emigrants declined to 64,800 up to the Central Statistics Office, April 2017 statistical release.I had an opportunity to talk with Flavia Nunes who is a Brazilian girl, came to Ireland 18 months ago. She told us her view about Ireland.


‘I’m Flavia and I came to Ireland to learn English. This is the first abroad country I have ever been so when I was coming here, I didn’t know what to expect. I was anxious and hypnotized, people were talking in English and I realized that I am in a country which I don’t know anything about it. The first day, I was upset, I didn’t know anyone. I was alien.’

After the first month, she built a new life in Ireland. Now, she has a job which she loves. She has friends, and she is living with her friends. People support her and she highlighted that she feels like at home in Ireland.

‘I think that Irish life and culture are really interesting. I am considering staying more in Ireland. Most importantly I feel safe as a woman in Dublin, more than my own country. Also, I love the pub culture in here, Monday or Sunday it doesn’t matter the city center is always alive. The worst thing is the weather. However, you are getting used to it in time.’

Being a European citizen and traveling around the world are not the same thing what she did. She wants to live in a place which she feels safer but she loves her country as well. She is missing her family and friends.On the other hand, she said that the people, she met in Ireland, their relationship is deeper. Those people are from different countries, and they are away from their family members as well.They have a transparent relationship. They show their wounds to each other and support each other. She is in a dilemma.

‘ I don’t have any regrets about my decision. It has been a clever step in my life, I will always remember these days, people and Ireland. Surprisingly, people especially Irish ones helped me so much in my journey. I have discovered myself, became a better person, for the first time I was alone and proved myself that I can do anything I want.’

She doesn’t know what to do in future but she is happy to be a part of Dublin.


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