A Beginners guide to Heavy Metal (Girls Version)

Who said all metal musicians were men? Image by Ryanx2
Who said all metal musicians were men?  Image by Ryanx2
Who said all metal musicians were men? Image by Ryanx2

I’m here to address an oversight on my part with one of my previous articles, The beginners guide to heavy metal. this oversight was that the guide focused on male heavy metal fashion while leaving our fair sisters in the Pit out in the cold. To that end I have enlisted the aid of fellow metal head Alice Geraghty to get her insights on her own style and help me write this new guide. So enough preamble, Let’s Rock.

Alice will take it from here:

Me: how would you describe your personal style?

Alice: My personal style would be metal/gothic. I love studs, black lace and dark colours i.e. purple and red, sometimes blue. Pale foundation, dark eye make-up, dark nail varnish. I try to be as individual as possible with my style as within the metal community there is the fear of looking alike. I think for girls it’s easier to establish more individuality than the lads as with any other style, there are more options for girls. It is also very hard to be feminine with the female metal look so it takes a bit of work. I rip up clothing, t shirts and the like if it looks too plain and boring, I always try to put my own spin on clothes. I never let anyone’s personal opinions dictate how I dress, they don’t like it, it’s not my problem.

Me: what do you take into consideration in terms of clothing when selecting an outfit?

Alice: I like to wear something that I know I will feel comfortable in, colour and choice of outfit-wise, whether it’s going out on a night out or casual wear. I personally don’t care what people think about my choice of clothing or style but I do like to look and feel confident, if I ain’t feeling it, I ain’t wearing it. I always look for black lace, blood reds, purples, studs, boots etc.. something that shows my personality

Me: what accessories do you most often wear? belts, necklaces etc

Alice: My studded belt, I’d feel naked without it. I wear it with almost any outfit or try to see if I can fit it in with an outfit, even if I go to a non-metal bar, I nearly always manage to make it work, I actually get sad if I can’t wear it with something . My pentagram necklace, I’m wiccan so it’s a part of me. My chokers are a big thing too my studded one and henna tattoo looking one, I just don’t feel right without them on.

Me: what advice would you give to other girls who want to develop their own metal style?

Alice: My advice is to, yes look around you and see what girls wear, go online and things like that, check out different styles of the metal female look but don’t go for the exact same thing as them… Pick out what you like from what you see on other girls and make it into your own style. It’s very hard to be feminine in this male dominated genre of music with most clothing and accessories aimed at the male audience. It is slowly starting to be a 50/50 thing with a greater interest in female clothing. It took me years to figure out my style, I knew what I liked, it was just a matter of accomplishing it, I’m still working on mine to this day but you can achieve your look, just focus on what you like. Make a statement that’s true to you.

Me: any other advice you would like to give?

Alice: Be yourself with your style. You don’t dress to impress anyone else, you’re the one who has to wear it so dress in what makes you happy. Stay true, stay metal.

if any of you would like to ask Alice further questions, feel free to follow her on twitter @pantera3456

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