A Beginner’s Guide to 4Chan

4Chan Logo - Screenshot from 4chan.org
4Chan Logo - Screenshot from 4chan.org

In the following days of the announcement of the new 4Chan CEO, Hiroyuki Nishimura, and the recent shooting in Oregon which involved the website, this anonymous image board has been appearing on articles in the mainstream medias. If you want to know more about it, here’s a small beginner’s guide to 4Chan.

4Chan Logo - Screenshot from 4chan.org
4Chan Logo – Screenshot from 4chan.org

4Chan might just be the most controversial website that’s ever been created. But it is also a part of internet culture, it was the birthplace of many internet jokes and controversies: Rickrolling, Gamergate, Cut4Bieber, or this great prank on iPhone users.

When you arrive on 4Chan you will have the choice of 64 boards you can post in, each of them have their own rules. Some of them are known for their especially explicit posts such as the random board – /b/.

You don’t need to sign up to the website you only need to follow certain rules but with 1,000,000 posts daily it is near impossible for the moderators to enforce them all. After you publish an image some users can comment and react to it, however the thread will not remain forever, most boards are limited to ten pages so your thread will be deleted if it is not active.

List of 4Chan - Screenshot from 4chan.org
List of 4Chan – Screenshot from 4chan.org

4Chan can be a great place for sharing ideas and opinions because of the unlimited freedom of speech users are given, but you need to choose your board carefully, because some parts of the website have just been taken over by users with a bad reputation to say the least.


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