A beautiful life

"Lu Lingzi"photo from flicker

Lu Lingzi, the Chinese graduate student from Boston University, died in the Boston Marathon bombing last Monday.

She had been in Boston since last autumn. She fell in love with the legendary city straight away. She liked the city, the people, her teachers and her classmates. She liked the Copley Square, and she pass away there. She left forever, from her classmates, her parents, her neighbours and all the people who loved her.

She was only young, full of hope. She hoped she would find a job she liked after graduation. She hoped she could have a family of her own and live happily after. However her dream was shattered by the cruel reality. Now she was gone. Never will she feel the warmth from her mother’s hand. Never will she be touched by the love of her admirer. Her life was only started, but was then was ended helplessly by cold blood criminals.

In the letter posted by her parents in New York Times, her parents asked people to remember her, remember of her being hopeful and positive. There was no hatred in the letter, for the love is the most powerful weapon.

She smiled to the camera on the photo she posted on the face book, as if she knew her spirit will bring positive energy to this world, to the people around her, no matter what happened.

Let’s remember her, by embracing our lives like she did.

Lingzi, may you rest in peace!

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