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9 ways redundancy feels like a break up

Original photo by Pixabay, photoshopped by Bethany Langham

“We have to let you go”, six words nobody ever really wants to hear. Maybe the company you worked for is in financial trouble. Maybe your role is no longer needed. Regardless of the reason, it’s pretty tough to deal with.

If you’ve ever been dumped, you may notice similarities between this and the current predicament you find yourself in. The stages are remarkably similar too:

1.It’s not you it’s me…

They don’t say this but they may as well. They probably said “We’re restructuring the company” or  “We are in financial trouble and we need to cut staffing costs”. They’ll tell you it’s not personal and while it most likely isn’t, it definitely feels like it is.

2.Drowning your sorrows

That’s right, more than likely in both cases, you end up taking to the bottle and or eating your feelings. The opening scene from Bridget Jone’s Diary becomes an all-too familiar reality for you.

Photo by Pixabay

3.The walk of shame

Yep, you have to go back to your former office with a hangover and collect your things. You probably have a key to give back as well. Everyone watches you walk out as you try to keep it together and hold your pounding head high.

4.“You’re a catch!”

People feel the need to reassure you that you’ll be snapped up in no time because you’re an absolute gem. You should listen, they’re probably right.

5.Flowers and chocolates

Family and friends will probably send you flowers and bring you chocolates and cards. Your best friends will turn up with a bottle of gin and tell you that they never thought the company was a good fit for you anyway.

6.Block that b**ch

If the company has an online presence, you will unfollow them on every platform so you don’t have to see how well they seem to be getting on without you. Feels remarkably similar to unfollowing your ex on all forms of social media so you don’t have to see them with their new bae.

Photo by Ruca Souza

7.Get back on the horse

You update your CV like you’d update your Tinder profile and get swiping. You’ll need to update your job status on LinkedIn but while you’re there, set up recruitment notifications for companies you’re interested in. You could try LinkedIn Premium if you haven’t already for that extra boost, the first month is free! 

8.The booty call

While you’r waiting for “the one” to appear in your life, you may have to head into the local Intreo Centre and do the dreaded, apply for the dole. Just like that 2 am “You up?” text, you feel crestfallen and desperate but it has to be done and there is no shame in it. I’ll make it easier for you, here’s the link to all the citizens information you could need on the topic. 

9.Newfound feelings of hope

You’ve been called for interviews and had a number of interested parties and you start to remember that you actually are a catch. You learn to accept what happened and you move on. Once you land your dream job, you’ll be glad things played out the way they did. 

Photo by Eternal Happiness

If you’ve been made redundant in the past, which stages seem most familiar to you? Let us know in the comments section.

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