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8 Ways to Save Mother Earth

The future of the earth is in our hands (photo credit - stokpic, pixabay)

8 simple steps that everyone can interprut into their daily lives to make their contribution in ensuring Mother Earth lives on for the next generation.

Graphic credit – Canva

Let’s look at the Break Down.

Use Your Voice

Speak up! If you notice your friends throwing rubbish on the ground, call them out! If you notice your friends throwing non recyclables in the recycling bin, inform them. If you notice anything you feel is wrong, speak up! It’s understandable to not want to be the nagging annoying friend but information is power and if you’re thinking it, someone else probably is too. Don’t be afraid to use your voice.

Be Informed

If you don’t like reading, watch documentaries. They’re made to be interesting and attain viewer attention so once you start watching, it won’t be a chore. Knowledge is power and although the facts can be hard to swollen, the reality of the situation we’re in, is much more frightening. Here’s a clip to get you started:

Travel Responsibly

Why not incorporate your exercise into your travel and either walk or cycle to work? Here’s another idea, avoid gas money and awkward parking and get the bus. You could even use this time to catch up on some reading or listening.

Eat Sustainably

Once you become informed on where your food comes from, the motivating factor for this one won’t be hard. We suggest sourcing meat from your local butcher or of course, going vegan. Just try and stay away from the avocados. For more information on foods that are bad for the environment, check out

Reduce Your Waste

Is all that non reusable plastic necessary? Simple things like ensuring you have a variety of tuuperware will reduce the amount of tinfoil and clingfilm you use and it’s a win win as it will save you money.

Watch What You Buy

Check out The Good Trade for more information on fast fashion. Get in the habit of shopping on sustainable brand sites, or at the very least start there before going to the fast fashion stores. Here are some great sustainable brand suggestions. Your clothes can represent you, so let’s make sure it’s a representation to be proud of.

Find Ways to Donate

We get it, it’s tough times, but why not make a change jar. Just throw pocket change in there when you can and donate the collection once a year or whenever you can. It may not seem like a lot but if everyone did it, it would be. You may even influence someone else to start one and already you’re on track to making an even bigger change.

Read the Living Planet Report

Even just take 15-20 minutes to glance over the headlines. Remember, knowledge is power. You can catch it here.

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