12 Reasons you know you are a Primary school Teacher

#1 – Every day genuinely feels like crowd control…

#2 – By the time it gets to Monday afternoon, you look forward to saying buh-bye…

#3 – You are the first to hear about the latest ‘it couple’, even if they are 8 years old…

#4 – Every teacher knows THAT one child.

There’s. Always. One.

#5 – THIS has happened on more than one occasion in the playground…

#6 – NEVER. We repeat, NEVER bring animals into the classroom.

#7 – You never trust a student that gives you this look when you are about to collect the homework…

#8 – That look of disgust when a student sneezes


‘Teeeeeeacher do you have a tissue??’


#9 – Feeling like you should be sponsored by Colgate when you remind your class about dental hygiene every morning

#10 – The sheer PANIC that sets in when you announce a sneaky spellings test on a Monday

#11 – Every music class MUST feature the ‘Nae-Nae’

#12 – THAT Friday feeling. Every time.

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