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7 things you don’t know about Joe Biden

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After a very long wait, the results of the United States presidential election have been revealed on Saturday, November 7, 2020.  The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, was elected 46th president of the country and replaced Donald Trump in the White House. Although he is known to have been the former vice president of Barack Obama, the personality of the new president of the United States remains largely unknown. Here are seven things to know about the new leader of the world’s leading power…

1. He loves ice cream


You will find many photos and videos of Joe Biden eating ice cream on the net! The reality is that this is his favourite food. Even Barack Obama, with whom he worked for 8 years confirmed it in an interview with Kamala Harris (Joe Biden’s vice president): “He needs a lot of ice cream and pasta with red sauce, he can go deep on that”. During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden would have spent more than $10,000 in ice cream. Not to eat them, but to give them to its donors.

2. He had stuttered


When he was young, he used to stutter a lot, and his schoolmates laughed at him. For example, some of them called him “bye-bye”, because of his difficulty in saying his name “Biden”. To stop stuttering, he trained. He read poems in front of his mirror, and since then he has been trying to help other stutterers. Especially young boys and girls.

3. He would have French ancestry


You may never have noticed it, but Joe Biden’s second name is “Robinette”. The new president of the United States said that it was his grandmother’s maiden name. He explained: “The Robinette came over with “La Fayette” and never went back home. I can’t guarantee that because it goes back a long, long way”.

4. He lived a family tragedy


In December 1972, Joe Biden’s wife and her 3 children were involved in a car accident. His wife Neilia, and his daughter, Naomi, died instantly. His two sons, Beau and Hunter, were seriously injured and remained in the hospital for several weeks. It’s in their hospital rooms that Joe Biden swore an oath for his first mandate as a senator. In 2015, he also lost his son Beau, who died of a brain cancer. 

5. He loves dogs


He got two dogs, Champ and Major. Furthermore, the love he has for dogs allowed him to have allies. In particular, the association “Dog Lovers” which have created a small campaign video to him. The association also explained that Donald Trump was the only president who didn’t have a dog with him at the White House.

6. He met his wife on an arranged date


Joe Biden has been married for 43 years with Jill Biden, and he can say thank you to his brother for that! While he saw a picture of Jill in those days, he said to his brother, Frank, that “she was the kind of girl he would like to date”. Fortunately for Joe Biden, Frank was at the college with Jill at the time and give her number to Joe, you know the rest…

7. He doesn’t drink alcohol

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“There are enough alcoholics in my family”. Frank, his brother, is a former alcoholic just like his son, Hunter. When it happens to Joe Biden to have a drink, he toasts with a glass of water or a non-alcoholic beer.

You feel like you know Joe Biden better? So wish him good luck, because the transition between him and Donald Trump will look tumultuous. Indeed, the Republican made it clear to the Democrat that he will not facilitate the transition period that begins. During that period called the “lame duck” which will take place until the investiture of Biden, on January 20, 2021, Trump is capable of everything. The next two months will be a mixture of frenzy and chaos.








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