7 things Students need before leaving home

 The 7 essential things students need to pack when leaving home:

Wills stuff packed for NY- Photo Credit- Tim Regan
Wills stuff packed for NY- Photo Credit- Tim Regan source flickr

I recently moved back into my house just off Camden Street, Dublin 8. Even though I`ve gone through the energy draining experience of packing before, I found myself again in a state. when leaving home you think you can fit as much of your house into a tiny suitcase or car thinking you`ll have everything you need when living away from home. Wrong, you will forget things along the way. Fortunately, I don`t live too far away from my house so I can go back and forth if I do ever need anything. But for those who live thousands of miles away from their home they might want to consider adding these 7 things to that list before walking out the front door.

  1. Pot Noodles:

    Pot Noodle - Photo Credit - AJ Beanster
    Pot Noodle – Photo Credit – AJ Beanster , source: flickr

This little pot of food will become your friend and later on in the year your life saver. Sooner or later you will start to get lazy and not really motivated to make dinner. But no fear because with pot noodles, there is not a lot of culinary skill needed to make this dish. A bit of hot water and boom lunch/dinner is served.


  1. Dry Shampoo:

    Deodorant- How can I recycle this
    Deodorant- Photo Credit to -How can I recycle this, source flickr

Now this may not apply to all sexes but it is required for those who don`t always take care of their hygiene.We all have those days where we say “I’ll wash my hair today” but there are times when we never follow through.Maybe the more appropriate product to stock up in bulk is deodorant. Men love their Lynx and women love their Dove or Nivea.


  1. Earphones:

    Ipodular Monkey- Photo Credit Emily
    Ipodular Monkey- Photo Credit Emily, source- flickr

It is divesting when you rummage through your pockets and find you have left your awesome pair of IPhone earphones or your seriously overpriced flashy Beats headphones 200 miles away back home. Living away from home can get a bit lonely but if you have a pair earphones handy and you are privileged to own Spotify premium, or the alternative of having Wi-Fi and just browsing YouTube and the internet for your favorite artist. Then you are lonely now more.Also buying a pair of headphones isn’t cheap, we`re students, we don`t have money to burn.


  1. Money:

    Money- Photo Credit- Tax Credits
    Money- Photo Credit- Tax Credits Source flickr

You can`t live independently (without help from parents) if you don`t have money. Students have this idea that food, clean clothes, internet, clean house, hot house, toiletries etc. will always be there for them. Wake up & face reality! Welcome to the world of consumerism. If you want dinner, toilet paper, clean boxers you have to lash out the cash.


  1. Lyon’s Tea Bags:

    Time for a cuppa- Greg Clarke
    Time for a cuppa- Greg Clarke source flickr

Or Barry’s tea bags which ever you prefer. But these are always a good thing to have especially when you come home from a long day at college or have friends over for tea or just to sip on whilst watching a film or an episode of a TV show. Also drinking tea can be very comforting and relaxing and can create that vibe that is familiar from home.


  1. Personal Alarm Clock:

    Snooze- Photo Credit Sean MacEntee
    Snooze- Photo Credit Sean MacEntee, source flickr

We all have that kind of mother who wakes us up by screaming “it`s half 7, you`ll be late”, when really it`s only 5 past 7 and you could have slept for an extra half hour or so. But when living away from home and not having that human alarm clock we start to get into these habits of sleeping in too long and then find ourselves rushing to get in for a 9 o`clock lecture.


  1. Take Away Menus:

    Domino`s- Photo credit Yo &
    Domino`s- Photo credit Yo &, Source flickr

Again with food, there are going to be nights where you will get cravings for some greasy, quick food such as Chinese, Italian, Indian etc. So Take Away menus will become your new best friend. They are probably the most important thing to have when living away from home. Don`t get me wrong a home cooked meal is class and I`ll never turn it down when I go home to my folks but I am human not a chef in a 5 star restaurant, I only take so much of my bad cooking.


To avoid forgetting one of these essentials when moving out of a house, maybe make a to do list just in case your photographic memory lets you down whilst packing your bags.

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