7 Songs You Wish You Had Discovered

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Matt and Kim – Daylight

Many Skins and Entourage fans will be familiar with this catchy tune. First released in 2006, this song later proved to be a worldwide hit for the American duo – even a gibberish version of the song was used in the popular computer game, The Sims 3.


Jonquil – Lions

Lions was released in 2011 by Jonquil, a group from Oxford. Influenced by bands such as Akron/Family and Swans, this U.K. group incorporate a number of genres in their music such as 60’s pop, 70’s flunk and 80’s disco. The use of instruments such as the ukulele, melodica, organ, accordion, trumpet, violin, glockenspiel, and banjo along with the bass, drums and guitar, sets Jonquil apart from any modern-day band. Lions is one song on their album which showcases their fusion of different genres. Give it a listen!


Band of Horses –  The Funeral

Whatever about the song being powerful – the music video also covers a number of issues such as death, alcoholism and depression. Released in 2006, this song has featured in a number of hit TV shows at pinnacle moments, such as One Tree Hill, 90210, Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother.


The Middle East – Blood

Yet another powerful song. Lyrically, this poignant song recounts the story of three men at different junctures in their lives; a brother, a father and a grandfather. The final verse, being the most moving, echoes the name of the song and why it is so rightfully called Blood:

“It was the only woman you ever loved
That got burnt by the sun too often when she was young
And the cancer spread and it ran into her body and her blood
And there’s nothing you can do about it now”


Grouplove – Ways to go

This quirky funk song by the U.S band Grouplove has only recently hit the MTV charts, despite being officially released just over a year ago. The video depicts a young Kim Jong-un, promoting peace in his daily life and rocking out to the chorus of the song “I’ve got a little bit longer/ I’ve got a ways to go”. Sounds bizarre? Give it a watch!


College & Electric Youth – A Real Hero

This song was made famous by the film Drive (2011), starring Ryan Gosling, and Taken 2 (2012). Founder of College, David Grellier, is an electronica musician and used College as a way of expressing his childhood through its 80’s influences, fused with modern dance/electronic music. Electric Youth’s hypnotic vocals on this track are captivating and as a whole, produces a haunting melody.


The Walkmen – Heaven

The Walkmen are renowned for their indie-punk tracks and Heaven is no exception. The track is testament to their earlier works, a strong drum-beat, peppy guitars and catchy lyrics.

“Our children will always hear
Romantic tales of distant years
Our guilty age may come and go
Our crooked dreams will always flow”

Have you discovered songs that are still quite unknown? Let us know!

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