7 reasons to take a bath on Tuesday

Good Bath Tips Photocredit: Devon D'Ewart (Flickr)
Good Bath Tips Photocredit: Devon D'Ewart (Flickr)

Like, we have all heard about the Monday blues and it’s totally a common phrase to say ‘I don’t like Mondays!!’ But OMG! you’re wrong. At least on like the Monday it means the start of a new week YOLO. So, I mean, which day is the worst? Friday is world party night. Weekends are super awesome. Thursday makes a good student night out. Heck, even Wednesday has the mid week movie. What about Tuesday? What does lame Tuesday bring to the table?

Tuesdays are the absolute worst you know? It’s just Monday Part II. It’s even in the name Twos-day. So the next question is silly, what can we do to make Tuesdays suck less? Take a bath of course and here’s why:

7.  Relax

Relaxing Cat PhotoCredit: Intrinsic-Image (Flickr)Relaxing Cat PhotoCredit: Intrinsic-Image (Flickr)

You need to relax after that second day in a row of nothing to do. That’s twice you had to listen to Gerry-at-work explain whatever it was you were ignoring.

6. De-stress

Doctors totally agree that stress is bad. We don’t like bad things so we should do good things because that will be good.

5. Unwind

Happy Puppy PhotoCredit: Sarah Miller (Flickr)Happy Puppy PhotoCredit: Sarah Miller (Flickr)

Life is like a box of chocolates. I wish!! It’s more like my headphones with the wires getting all tangled up which is no fun. Just don’t throw your headphones in the bath. HA HA LOL.

4. Soothing

Baths are the most comfy way to spend your night, what better way to catch up the Kardashians then soaking in the tub. Just don’t blame me if you stay too long and get all pruney LOL JK YOLO.

3. Being Squeaky CleanSqueaky Clean Tub PhotoCredit: Kelly Rosborough (Flickr)Squeaky Clean Tub PhotoCredit: Kelly Rosborough (Flickr)

Nobody wants to be the smelly friend. Baths are a great way to get super clean. #squeakyclean

2. You Deserve It

You work hard. You play hard. And you deserve that rest. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise #youreworthit #believe

1. Bubbles

Bubbles PhotoCredit: Rakka (Flickr)
Bubbles PhotoCredit: Rakka (Flickr)

They’re just so much fun. #dontjudgeme And everybody loves to play with bubbles #honestopinion


See ya guys so cool to share this week #unstoppable !!! See you next week yay LOL YOLO


This post has been a guest post courtesy of every 9 year old that’s been subjected to Buzzfeed and whatever other dredge the internet can cough up when left unattended.


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