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7 Protective Hairs Styles for Black Women’s Hair

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Black women have heavy, dense hair that can be expertly styled into stunning hairstyles.The inherent dryness and brittleness of kinky hair, on the other hand, demands special treatment. Protective hairstyles are designed to reduce the stress placed on natural hair by environmental factors. Here are 7 protective hairstyles that can reduces stress to the natural hair.

1.Twist out

Twist out tutorials

Twist out are a common Afro-textured hairstyle all over the world. The style is created by sectioning the hair into many parts, twisting strands of hair, and then twisting two twisted strands together. When naturally curly hair is still damp and very comfortable from swimming in hot water, twists may be made; as the hair dries, it shrinks, giving the twists a closely woven feel. twists can also be achieved for dry hair. Twists may be styled alongside other hairstyles, such as afro-puffs and Afros, at the same time.Since you can keep two-strand twists in for days or weeks, they’re a perfect defensive style. If you want to have your twists for a long time, you should wash and condition them whilst they’re in place.

2. Knotless braid

Tutorials on how to make knotless braids.

These braids are a standout protective style, particularly for women who want to achieve hair growth rather than injury, thanks to their low tension, easy maintenance, and lightweight manageability. Knotless box braids start with your natural hair braiding, so you’ll never carry the weight of attachments on your scalp.

3. Cornrows

Tutorials on how to make cornrows

Cornrows are a form of hair braiding in which the hair is braided very close to the scalp in a continuous, raised row using an underhand, upward motion. They’re actually designed to promote hair growth which will save you a lot of time when the aim is to touch your hair as little as possible.

4. Bantu knot

Tutorials on how to make bantu knots

They’re made by wrapping the hair around itself until it forms a pile of tires-like knot. It’s a protective style for both natural and relaxed hair, and it’s often used in overnight routines to keep curly styles looking longer and more established.

5. Box Braid

Tutorials on box braids

Box braids are a protective hair style that, with careful treatment, can last 4-6 weeks. It’s perfect for the summer because it covers the hair absolutely. It’s safer to tie the braids in a silk scarf or a bonnet before going to bed. This will make you sleep well at night by reducing friction and maintaining your braids while still combating frizz.

6.Fulani Braids

Tutorials on Fulani braids

Fulani braids are a style common among the Fulani people of Africa. They typically include the following elements: a cornrow braided down the middle of the head; one or a few cornrows braided in the opposite direction toward the temples; a braid wound along the hairline. Fulani braids are a perfect way to keep your hair clean. These braids would offer a much-needed break for both you and your hair. Fulani braids are a great alternative to traditional box braids and twists if you’re looking for a protective design.

7. Flat twist

Tutorials on flat braids

Flat twists resemble cornrows in appearance, but they’re much easier to achieve. They’re a perfect protective type that can last for a week or more. Flat twists are a fantastic defensive look for natural hair, but they aren’t very long-lasting. With due treatment, the style will last up to a week. Sleeping with a bonnet or silk scarf will help the style remain in place and tackle frizz, extending the style’s lifespan.

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  1. Hmmm. Seems theze styles will be good for me since I’m advanced.. unhealthy hairstyles will only end up ruining my scalp. Thanks for this

  2. I love that the African natural hair has these different styles that make it even more beautiful. The tutorials were great.I learnt alot and will try out these styles.Thank you

  3. I love that the African natural hair has these different styles that make it even more beautiful.The tutorials were great.I will try out these styles.Thank you

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