7 best countries to celebrate New Year’s Eve

The New Year is around the corner. This is a special holiday for all people around the world, that is why everyone wants to make this holiday memorable. But what is the best way to spend it?
The answer is simple: go to a New Year trip! Travelling is one of the best gifts we are given. I interviewed the head of a travel agency Oxana Fedorova to share 7 countries you can go to spend the best holidays ever!

New Year's Eve. Photocredit: Pixabay
New Year’s Eve. Photocredit: Pixabay

Warm countries

1. The United Arab Emirates is a real  “One Thousand and One Nights” fairytale for tourist over there. According to local people, despite the fact that the UAE is a Muslim country, the New Year is one of the most important holidays there. Most offices closed on New Year’s Eve, and people in this period often go on a vacation. The United Arab Emirates is well-known thanks to the most grandiose salutes which has been put in the Guinness Book of Records. There are many options to celebrate the New Year there. Those who prefer the noise, bustle and fun could go to the beach parties with the best DJs whereas other half might go to a New Year’s safari trip where they will sit around New Year’s bonfire. So, if you like the sand instead of the snow, Bedouins instead of Santa Claus, welcome to UAE!

UAE. Photocredit: Pixabay
UAE. Photocredit: Pixabay

2. The second option is an exotic Kingdom of Thailand. The hot sun, the sea, which water temperature is always 30 ° C, white beaches, incredible exotic fruits…” What can be better?” you may ask. There is a good opportunity for those who like shopping to spend the time in Thailand. When New Year comes, the majority of shopping centres arrange big sales which can’t leave anyone indifferent.

3. Goa is one of the Indian states, which is a cult tourist destination last several years. December and January are the perfect months for a holiday in Goa. At this time, the temperature ranges from 28-30° C. Nightlife there is active and energetic, especially when it comes to the New Year’s Eve when the night in Goa is a firework of a joy and craziness.

Winter countries
4. The old French town Chamonix might be a discovery for those who enjoy the ski and beautiful landscapes. There you will look at snowy peaks of Mont Blanc mountain. The view from the highest peak of mountain in Western Europe,  where the first Winter Olympic Games were held, would make amazing impressions of the New Year celebration.

5. Family trip in the winter wonderland is usually associated with the Snow Queen, ice castles, magic and wishes which come true when the clock strikes midnight on December 31. The Swiss mountain village at the Grindelwald ski resort  make these all real. Huge glaciers around the ski resort remind the ice castles like in a fairytale.

Winter fairytale. Photocredit: Pixabay
Winter fairytale. Photocredit: Pixabay

6. One of the most beautiful cities to celebrate the New Year in Europe is Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic is beautiful at any time of the year, but especially during the New Year time when Medieval fairytale comes to life and even the air is filled with the feeling of a miracle. Prague in the New Year is a city with a decorated little houses with a  red-tiled roofs covered with the snow, Gothic cathedrals, sparkling garlands on the shop windows and trade fairs with hot pastries and mulled wine.

7. If you consider yourself as a supporter of traditional winter activities and fun, you enjoy outdoor activities, and are not afraid of cold weather, the celebration of the New Year in Finland is a perfect choice for you! Children, in turn, will be extremely happy to visit Santa Claus’ house! We all know that Santa Claus lives in Lapland…But has anybody seen him in real?

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