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COVID-19: 5 reasons to start running now

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Gyms and swimming pools are closed, the weekly yoga class is no longer taking place for who knows how long. Instead of cycling to college or work, people are going from their kitchen table to their home office in the next room. Coronavirus forces people to stay at home. That leads to a lack of movement, which is often combined with consuming more calories because we spend more time at home, are eating because of boredom and frustration.

Not only the daily movement everyone has automatically by going to work or college is missing. Instead of meeting friends in the afternoon, people are spending their nights at home on their sofa. Furthermore being stuck at home and not having the usual routine often makes it difficult to get motivated for a workout or a run.

However, running is one of the best and easiest to implement kind of sports you can do in times of self-isolation. Even if you are only allowed to leave your house in an area of two kilometers, that is enough for a run. The only thing you need is a pair of running shoes – there are no excuses.

But this is only one of the many reasons why especially now it is a good idea to start running. Watch this video to find out how this sport can boost your immune system and make your body stronger to resist bacteria and viruses:



However beneficial this sport might be at the moment, there are some things you should consider before leaving the house. You might have noticed that some popular places like the cycleways on the Canal or pathways in Phoenix Park are crowded at the moment, especially when the weather is nice. That makes it even more important to follow the rules and keep your distance from other runners, cyclists or walkers.


Are you already a runner or do you want to become one?

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